Dedicated contributions
Everlasting accomplishment

It is the perfect and harmonious unification of Chinese traditional culture and modern humanity, and the rich connotation of culture and the eternal pursuit of its people.

Dedicated contributions, everlasting accomplishme

[Jing] Enhancement, Refinement, Continuous Improvement  and Devotion    

[Gong] Merits, Success, Everlasting Benefits to The Future

[Jinggong] It is the perfect and harmonious unification of Chinese traditional culture and modern humanity, and the rich connotation of culture and the eternal pursuit of its people

Corporation Concept
Integrity, Trust, Cooperation and Win-win success

Integrity - Win the trust from society   

Trust - Unite work teams for cooperation  

Cooperation - Realize of win-win success of each party    

Win-win success - Repay to the care from the society

Corporation Vision
Set up reputable Jinggong brand, forge a centuried

Corporation vision is its great plan in the future. “Set up reputable Jinggong brand, forge a centuried enterprise” reflects staff’s faith and shows great mind of everlasting. It is to guide, unite and encourage people of Jinggong to make arduous efforts for an evergreen cause with stable development and sustainable growth.

Brand Building

Brand is intangible assets,and the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

The brand of Jinggong is the proof of the independent innovation and competitive market.

In the fierce market competition, its people take "Set up reputable Jinggong brand, forge a centuried enterprise" as their mission. Keep pace with the time, develop and innovate, constantly forge the brand!

General Union
Harmonious Jinggong

The General Union of Jinggong Group was established in October 2004, with 5 major trade union federations and 20 grassroots trade unions.The General Union of the Group adheres to the three represents theory and the scientific outlook on development as the guidance, takes the sustainable development of the enterprise as the core, the advanced culture as the driving force, and harmony as the guarantee, striving to promote the construction process of "harmonious Jinggong". 

The Target

Improve quality, protect rights effectively and strengthen construction

The Orientation

Restrain by system, unite by emotion, motivate by career, convince by performance.

The Union Honor

National exemplary enterprise on staff education and training, Advanced enterprise in building harmonious labor relations in Zhejiang,Best employer enterprise in Zhejiang, Advanced home of staff in Zhejiang, advanced team on “innovative learning organization and knowledgeable workers”.

Working Train of Thought

Take the enterprise spirit and ideas as the guidance, continuously enrich the enterprise cultural connotation.

Build a learning enterprise and a team of high-quality employees. 

Introduce the enterprise identification system and optimize the external image.

Adhere to the "people-oriented" concept, enhance enterprise’s cohesion. 

It comes from the society, then returns the society, sublimates the enterprise culture idea. 

In the end, employees and enterprises form a community of shared interests with "common goals, common benefits, shared responsibilities, shared benefits and risks".



精功集团出席“点亮你我 温暖全城”慈善公益晚会





The Group Youth League Committee
Introducing the Communist Youth League

Since its integration and expansion into the Group in 1997, the committee of Jinggong Group now has 925 members and 7,545 youth under the age of 35. Currently, there are 3 industry League committees under the Group committee, and a general branch and 20 League branches. 

Goals of Construction of the Committee

The committee follows the concept of "serve enterprises and youth, give back to society" , by the advocacy of "Integrating in enterprise, works and society", the committee plays a role in uniting staff and motivate the youth , safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests, promoting the development of enterprise security, etc, to further strengthen enterprise cohesion, creating a unique brand of masses culture.

The Committee Activity

"Combing" --- to strengthen the construction of the League organization

To improve the system architecture, strengthen the training of the cadres, improve members’ ideological construction, comb the information regularly, set up perfect league organization mechanism, arouse the enthusiasm and creativity of cadres, enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, focus on what they are concerning and difficult problems, timely grasp the youth ideological trend, unite their thoughts, innovate working style and highlight the unique characteristics, so as yo become reserves for Party members.

"Learning" -- to improve young people's working competence

The Committee encourages the young people to develop themselves by means of understanding and respect. Through communication, guidance and resonance, it integrates the self-ideal and enterprise concept and maximizes the inner potential of young people.To grasp the characteristics of the youth, carry out management activities like comprehensive implement of youth civilization, young expert,7S on-site “raise revenues and reduce expenditures”, job training, evaluation of title, application of honor, and so on, the youth are encouraged to have a foothold, and be brave to take on responsibility, so as to promote the youth grow in learning, practice and success.

"Happiness" -- to agglomerate the vitality of youth

To regard the employees’ "happiness" as the center and to carry out activities around "health, peace, joy and exchange" , young employees are encouraged to live and work healthily and happily through the games, fire safety training and fire drill, KTV entertainment, Mid-Autumn evening party, "Who is the most beautiful in Mid-Autumn Festival" photography contest, Christmas activities,  host contest, "growing up with Jinggong”, “the spirit of model worker" speech contest, live CS, team building development, as well as all kinds of social activities, physical examination of new staff and cycling association, photography association.