diversified industrial development pattern

With 50 years’ refinement, Jinggong has become a large diverse high-tech export-oriented private enterprise.

Source of rice wine——Kuaijishan

Kuaijishan, the source of rice  wine, producing pure Shaoxing rice wine

One of the oldest and largest production and marketing bases of rice wine in China;

It is assigned in G20 HangZhou Summit;

National nonmaterial cultural heritage preservation--Shaoxing wine brewing techniques.

Shaoxing Wine

Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd was built in 1743. Over the past 275 years, the company adhering to the concept of "traditional process and modern tools, intelligent control" , taking Jianhu Lake flowing water, high quality white glutinous rice, wheat as raw material, to make rice wine, successfully deduced myths of "continuous production and sustainable development, consistently profitable" for nearly three centuries, and it becomes Shaoxing rice wine national standards drafting unit and one of the largest base for rice wine production and marketing.

As early as in 1915, Yunji winery has won the first international medal for Shaoxing Wine as the Pacific Exposition held in Panama, after hundred years, the wine displayed in China Pavilion of Milan Expo in 2015, also, it is assigned in G20 HangZhou Summit.

At present, Shaoxing rice wine town takes “big Shaoxing, great rice wine, great culture, great tourism” as strategic targets, promoting with the mode of “one town and two districts”. Kuaijishan captured opportunity of the construction of Hutang, promoting rice wine culture, strengthening historic industry, promoting industrial upgrading; And it cooperated with Zhejiang Shuren University to build Shaoxing Rice wine institute, to provide talents for the revitalization and development of the industry.

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