Since 1968

With 50 years' refinement, Jinggong has become a large diverse high-tech export-oriented private enterprise.

With 50 years’ refinement
Jinggong has become a large diverse high-tech export-oriented private enterprise

Founded in 1968, China • Jinggong Group is situated in the famous historical and cultural city--Shaoxing. Jinggong Group now owns many holding companies and joint-stock companies. Its industrial bases are throughout Zhejiang, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Jilin and other provinces and cities. It owns five leading industries of steel structure building, equipment manufacturing and Shaoxing Wine, general aviation and new materials, as well as two developing industries of financial investment and big data. Now, the five leading industries are holding the lead among same domestic industries. Besides, it owns three listed companies – Jinggong Steel Building, Jinggong Science & Technology and Kuaijishan.

In the past 50 years, Jinggong Group is guided by policies and guidelines of the Communist Party, following up state industry developing strategy. It has always been promoting the enterprise spirit of “precision and dedication, achievements lasting for centuries”, and adhering to the enterprise philosophy of “honesty, trust, cooperation and win-win”, practicing the corporation vision of “building up Jinggong brand, establishing century enterprise”, and the Group ranks “Top 500 Enterprises of China”, “Top 500 Private Enterprises of China”, “Top 500 Competitiveness of Chinese Enterprise and Group” and “Top 100 Honest Private Enterprises of China” for many years.


50 years’ refinement from 1968 to 2018


industrial bases are throughout 9 provinces and cities like Zhejiang and Beijing


owns 7 industries like steel structure building and equipment manufacturing


ranks “Top 500 Enterprises of China” for many years

Address by Board Chairman
The development of enterprise
is an open, cooperative and progressive process

Jinggong will hardly develop without the unremitting efforts ofall colleagues, national policies, opportunities of reform andopen policy and full support of the community.

Jinggong Group regards the “social responsibility”as the development basis of enterprise and regards the promotion ofharmonious development of society as own responsibility while building brand and making the enterprise stronger.

World economy has a changeable situation,the opportunities are be with the challenges, and honor exists with dream.

Jinggong will continue to be hand in hand with all walks of life,promote the enterprise spirit of “precision and dedication,achievements lasting for centuries”, and adhere to the enterprise philosophy of“honesty, trust, cooperation and win-win”;try to achieve the corporation vision of “building up Jinggong brand,establishing century enterprise” with the diligence and intelligence of Jinggong people,and contribute to the society with the harmonious development of employees,enterprise and society.


It is a history of private enterprise entrepreneurship and a history of China's reform and opening-up. 50 years of endeavor, innovation and every step are the beginning of another reformation and development.
In 1968-1979
Established its foundation of machine manufacturi
machine manufacturing
Yangxunqiao People’s Commune Integrated Processing Factory, birthplace of Jinggong Group was founded.
The enterprise was renamed as Yangxunqiao Knitting Machinery Factory
The enterprise carried out the research and development of a series of textile manufacturing machines
Hand-cranking hosiery machine and power-driven hosiery machine were successfully test run
In 1980-1989
Realized the primitive accumulation of
capital and technology
It successfully developed ZJ-2 jacquard warp knitting machine, and the enterprise was renamed as Yangxunqiao Warp Knitting Machinery Factory
the enterprise was renamed as Shaoshing Knitting Machinery Factory, and in the same year, it established the first research institution held by a factory in Shaoxing.
It undertook a state-level Spark Program for the first time.
It established the first vocational school held by a factory in Shaoxing, and it is Later renamed as Zhejiang Electronic Engineering School
It undertook a state-level Torch Program for the first time
In 1990-1999
Set up the prototype of Jinggong industry
by accelerating shareholding
The enterprise is renamed as Shaoxing Knitting Machinery Central Factory
It carried out the reform of joint stock cooperative system
With the joint stock of China Huaneng Group, Zhejiang Huaneng Comprehensive Development Limited Company was established
Zhejiang Huaneng Jingong Group was founded
It was renamed as Zhejiang Jingong Group Co., Ltd
Sino-Germany Joint-stock Jinggong Steel Structure Company in Zhejiang (P-D) was established, which was put into operation in the same year
In 2000-2017
Relying on the capital markets
optimize the industrial structure
It reformed the system and found Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technology Co., Ltd.. 2000
Recombined “Rainbow Industrial” and became the first largest shareholder of Light & Textile Industrial City Group
The head office of Jinggong moved to Jinggong Mansion, and the enterprise was renamed as Jinggong Group Co., Ltd., Jinggong Steel Building succeeded to restructure Changjiang Share
A share of Jinggong Technology succeeded to list
Established the Board of Directors
In May , established the Board of Directors; in May, Jinggong Steel Building formally undertook the national stadium (Bird’s Nest) project
Xihua Airline was renamed as Jinggong (Beijing) General Aviation
Jinggong Science & Technology researched the first domestic JJL240 polycrystalline silicon ingot furnace successfully
Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine purchased Jiashan Share
It restructured Zhejiang Flame Retardancy Group
Became the shareholder of Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd.
Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine started the project of 200000kl/year wine; Jinggong Holdings restructured Zongheng Group
Jinggong Business Jet Co.Ltd obtained CCAR-135 operation qualification
A share of Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd succeeded to list
Won the National Model home of staff awarded by the Federation of Trade Unions
Jinggong Steel Building won the bidding for Beijing new airport project successfully
Jinggong Technology developed the first production line for kiloton carbon fiber in China successfully
Jinggong (Shaoxing) Data Industrial Park was officially established to enter the industry
it undertakes the launch of the shuttle rocket project of the Aerospace Science Group
A new journey
In 2018-
Realize the transformation and promotion
of the Group industry
Invest in Yangxunqiao big data industrial park and enter the industry
Celebration of the Group's 50th anniversary

Top 500 enterprises of China

Top 500 private enterprises of China

Top 500 Competitiveness of Chinese Enterprise and Group

Top 100 Honest Private Enterprises of China

Top 500 enterprises in informatization of China

Top 1000 largest enterprise Groups of China

Leader of industrial enterprises of China

National pioneer workers

National superior enterprise in “Ankang” Cup Competition

National Model Staff Family

Zhejiang Top 100 Party organization

Zhejiang Excellent Unit on Ideological and Political Work

Zhejiang well-known firm

Zhejiang civilized enterprise

Exemplary enterprise on credit management in Zhejiang

Exemplary enterprise on transformation and upgrading in Zhejiang

Advanced enterprise in building harmonious labor relations in Zhejiang

Best employer enterprise in Zhejiang

Model home of staff in Zhejiang

Exemplary enterprise on cultural construction in Zhejiang

Board Officer
Chairman of the board - Mr. Jin Liangshun
executive chairman - Mr. Fang Chaoyang
executive chairman - Mr. Sun Jianjiang
vice chairman - Mr. Jin Jianshun
vice chairman - Mr. Sun Weijiang
director - Mr. Gao Guoshui
director - Mr. Shao Zhiming
director - Mr. Fu Zukang
director - Mr. Jin Li
the supervisors board chairman - Mr. Sun Guanfu